• CAD Modeling

    Most projects begin with requirements gathering. We offer 3D CAD modeling and product design services to translate requirements into deliverables. This crucial step fosters a shared product understanding. All stakeholders needs to know what product they're buying or building.

  • CNC thermal cutting icon

    CNC Thermal Cutting

    We're equipped to thermally cut a variety of materials. For up to 8" thick mild steel we operate a CNC controlled oxy-acetylene torch. For round and square tube we operate a CNC controlled a 4-th axis. Sheet, plate, and bar are CNC plasma cut on our 5 x 10 Ft water table. This allows us to meet a variety of customer needs.

  • Welding

    We're equipped for many welding applications. We weld aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel primarily. Our equipment has excellent arch dynamics, welds pulse and double-pulse, and can do spray transfer for vertical and overhead applications. This means strong welds that look great!

  • CNC Bending

    We're equipped to bend a variety of sheet metal gauges, lengths, and materials. Our CNC hydraulic press brake has 10 Ft of working width, 20 inches of open height, is rated to apply 175 Tons of down-force, has CNC crowing, and a 5-axis backgauge. This translates into repeatable high-quality parts.

Focused Value Delivery

We like to say we don't cut corners, unless they're gussets. That's the truth. Product development, custom fabrication, manufacturing, and welding all require a lot of skill and creative problem solving.

We computer model the products we produce, procure appropriate materials, measure, cut, grind, drill, bend, weld, and a whole lot of other work. Why go to all this trouble if you're not going to do the work expertly? This is what we're good at!

Learn more about our processes and services then schedule an appointment. We can discuss your product requirements and see if we're a good fit to work together.