About Us

Shared Principles

Our aim is to work with businesses and people who share our principles. This is the foundation of a successful business-to-business relationship. It keeps resource usage low and value delivery high. We're in this together. We reserve and employ our resources to transform your resources into products. We both have rights and those rights must be acknowledged and protected.

  • Skin in the Game

    Materials are costly and often can neither be returned nor reused after transformation into a product. Before a production run will be scheduled we expect our customers to pay for materials upfront or remit 50% of a purchase order, whichever is greater. The balance is expected upon production delivery.

  • Saftey First

    Dangerous machines are required to transform raw materials into finished products. We adhere to strict safety protocols and are especially mindful of the physical and mental health of those making your products. This means we will neither accelerate a delivery deadline nor increase the scope of deliverables once they are set.

  • Protect Resources

    We're blunt on this point. Respecting our resources enables us to create value for you. Poorly defined product requirements, a lack of involvement, sparse communication, poor follow-through on commitments, shifting expectations, failing to pay bills, etc. This is wasteful. We have little tolerance for this behavior.

  • Reshoring

    Reality can be harsh, The pandemic revealed how susceptible global markets are to supply chain disruptions. We are passionate about local economic growth, fueled by modern, sophisticated manufacturing initiatives. Serving local markets with locally manufactured products is a core principle at Solvers Manufacturing!

  • Long-Term Mindset

    Landfills are full of junk... discarded, cheaply made, disposable products. We think the industrial mindset that contributes to filling landfills is short-term oriented and toxic to society. We value a long-term orientation and making quality products.

  • Get Perspective

    Objectivity is gained with great effort. It requires revisiting and reconsidering approaches, questioning observations, and discussing results with others. Bringing multiple perspectives together is like focusing a lense.

  • Pace Yourself

    Small, steady, incremental improvements over time produce excellence. There is always more to learn and uncover. It's far more difficult than it sounds. Sticking with a problem is what ultimately results in mastery.

  • Outcome Focused

    The outcomes of our actions reveal our motivations. It isn't what we say or signal to others that actually matters. It's what our choices produce that shows others who we are. Do the right thing. Do the best you can. Pay attention to the results.

About Us

Solvers Manufacturing specializes in low-volume, metal product design and manufacturing. You may consider us a research and development firm for hire. We work with businesses to create proof-of-concepts, first-articles, short-runs of pre-production prototypes, and production runs of fully commercialized products.

Founded in 2013, Solvers Manufacturing offers customers custom product and parts design in CAD, welding, welding repairs, and metal fabrication services. We work with steel primarily, but can also work with aluminum, stainless steel, and many other alloys. We collaborate with reputable affiliates and suppliers for materials procurement, media blasting, powder coating, upholstery, and other product and service providers.

Today Solvers Manufacturing is owned and operated by business partners Leo Gerlock and Heath Gerlock. They serve a variety of customers in the greater Omaha, Nebraska area. Heath's diverse background in Agriculture, Auto-Body Repair, IoT Technology, Electronics Manufacturing, Software Design, and Product Development has uniquely equipped him to consider a variety of product requirements across many industries. Leo's expansive experience in Business Automation, Computer Programming, Software Development, Governance, and Information Security has uniquely equipped her to manage business operations and administration.

Solvers business continues to grow steadily as we expand our equipment, tooling, training, service, and product offerings. Have a product idea or project? Contact Solvers Manufacturing today!